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The Nnusi Gazi Foundation

On the 18th of July every year the world gathers to celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela and the generous spirit of giving. Nelson Mandela epitomises the spirit of selflessness and human service.

He has dedicated over 67 years of his life and as a token of appreciation and act of gratitude the global community has been urged to dedicate 67 minutes off their hectic schedules and be of service to others in the spirit of giving back.

On that note the Nnusi Gazi Foundation has embarked on organising a charity event for the SOS Children’s Village based in Rustenburg on the 21st July 2012. The home looks after kids aged between 9 months and 21 years of age.

The bigger idea as far as this initiative is concerned, we need to collect clothes for the home, food parcels with basics inside and also toys for the little ones, with that being said we would like to urge and challenge the general public and corporate SA to help us to achieve all this.

Nnusi Gazi Foundation is a brain child of Nnusi Gazi and this was conceived after being part of the Railway to Life initiative that is aiming at helping impoverished kids of our country with school shoes.

For more updates regarding the event:

• Facebook page (Nnusi Gazi) and Twitter (@nnusi).
• 079 840 1880 or fabmnr@gmail.com
• 079 883 2725 or bthekoeng@yahoo.com.

Red Devils

DJ Sai

Sai @ work

• We know that the Red Devils are made up of DJs Brian Blaq and Sai (*if you didn’t know… well that’s who they are). Why the movement to Hip Hop? Is it a move or just something that you are trying out? Who are you doing this for and why?
RD: We’ve always had a passion for hip hop. Brian Blaq started off as a hip hop DJ back in the day. It was not really something that was done for anybody. It was just a question of “why not?”.

• Why the name Red Devils? Are you fans of Manchester United (*a team everyone should support)?
RD: This is so funny. The first day we played together as the Red Devils, we accidentally wore the same colour t-shirts (obviously being red) and as we were playing, a DJ friend of ours, Kay-B called us the Red Devils and the name kinda stuck with us.

• This all sounds like a lot of work - being part of the Soulful Kollective and then you are pretty boys (of some sort) and then there’s this. How are you making it work? Do practice as a team or does one add their own spice to the dessert?
RD: We don’t really “practice” our sets. The key is to understand each other’s direction when we play. Well, our first gig was kinda practiced cause we had never played hip hop together but since then, we’ve really just had the idea of having one of us drive the set and have the other guy compliment the set. I guess that’s what you’d call “adding your own spice”.
We really play the kinda jams that appeal to us. Often you’ll find the one going old school and the other going new school. It depends on the party and the flow of things. Pretty boys? We don’t know about that one…

• Since you guys have been disc jockeys for a few minutes? Is the “Hip Hop” thing going to be a permanent move from the disco music you are renowned for?
RD: We are not really moving from anything. The hip hop thing was something we just decided on doing. We’re just adding onto what we have. We do the hip hop thing based on the love we have for hip hop and hence we play whatever we feel. We don’t really succumb to what a lot of hip hop DJs are playing. We are really sticking to the basics and let the music speak for itself.

• What is the biggest event you’ve ever performed at as the Red Devils? What would be your ultimate performance and where?
RD: So far, the biggest event would have to be the FunMasters Picnic.
Ultimate performance well, time will tell. We’ve enjoyed just about all the places we’ve played at.

• Do you like Tamia’s music and what song by her melts your heart? (* for real, we’re serious… this is what people want to know about you)
RD: Hahahahahaha…well, we don’t see anything wrong with Tamia. If anything, she’s a very beautiful and talented lady. If you really must know, “You Put A Move On My Heart” is still one of her best songs.

DJ Brian Blaq

Professional Model and DJ

• Old School Hip Hop vs. Hip Hop made two weeks ago up to date? Where’s your heart at?
RD: Our hearts are wherever there’s good music. It doesn’t really matter if it’s old, new or two weeks old. If it’s good, we love it.

• We’ve seen you guys out there with your cardigans and we’d like to know how many groupies should a Hip Hop DJ (that is also part of the Soulful Kollective) get… In your opinion.
RD: Hahahahahahaha… What is a groupie by the way?

• If you could go back in time (* for whatever reason), what would you wear and who would you tell to “not do that”?
RD: Luckily we like the same kinda style of clothes. So yeah, we really like the whole 70’s look. We’d tell Lady Gaga to slow down a bit… LOL!

• Aside from the events, what’s in store from the duo? What aspirations do you have?
RD: Individually we have our own projects going. Sai is about to drop his long awaited album with Ribatone, “Here And Now”.
Brian Blaq…well, as much as he’d love to share, for now he can’t, but there’s definitely something happening on his end. Watch this space.

• We’ve seen the two of you in different music videos. Is it true that you are going into acting as professional extras in music videos – full time?
RD: Hahahahahahaha…acting? No, that’s not gonna be happening. Acting has its people. We love music.

• Who is your favourite Hip Hop Rap Music disc jockey?
RD: There are so many to mention but MVD are really doing their thing.

• How may people get in touch with you should they be interested in getting hugs and booking you?
RD: Hahahahahaha…
You can check out our Facebook page www.facebook/thereddevils. You can also get our latest mixes on that page.
For bookings, you can email our manager at samkphk219@gmail.com.

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