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Deep Soulja

  • Deep Soulja
    Deep Soulja

    Dr. SG and Mr. Fifty5

  • Deep Soulja at work
    Deep Soulja at work

1). Who Is Deep Soulja?

• Deep Soulja is a group of 2 DJs namely; Khotso Matobole aka Mr. Fifty5 & Sipho Radebe aka Dr. SG.

2). How did you get into the whole DJ scene? Is it as glamorous as most people tend to think it is?

• We adopted the concept of music and DJ-ing at a very young age mostly through the radio and also when given the privilege to carry vinyl bags of some DJs and hearing them play. Over the years we then transcended into the Deep House scene and we began buying vynil records after Khotso bought his set of two turntables and a mixer, that’s how this journey began.
DJ-ing is not as glamorous as most people think, it requires a lot of character to interact and create long lasting networks and it requires a lot of originality, honesty and trustworthiness.

2). Which genre of music do you specialise in and which is your personal favourite?

• Deep Soulja specialises in deep, vocal and instrumental house music.

3). Clearly this was all spawned from a love of music. What does music mean to you?

• For us, music is everything. Music is like a life partner… It nourishes our souls, lifts us up when we down, always there to keep us company when we are lonely, and most of all it keeps the head shaking and the body moving… That’s just the least we can mention otherwise we would jot down an essay of 5 pages long.

4). Are you happy with what you have achieved so far?

• Yes. We have worked hard to build the bridges we have (both nationally and internationally). We found that in this industry it is hard to get good connections but once we’ve made those good connections we make sure that we build a respectful and beneficial relationship, on part of both Deep Soulja and the other party.

• We have established what we tend to call, a growing plant; which is our mini-internet radio network called The Deep Soulja Radio Network - where we upload mixes by us (Deep Soulja), and we feature artists in South Africa and artists from overseas (who are looking on touring in S.A) as a means of promoting the artists and helping them establish their brand. The mixes are free to download, so there is no cost involved! Just a way Deep Soulja is giving back to its people. Mixes can be accessed on www.deepsoulja.podomatic.com. We have also been featured in some international internet radio shows such as RADIOVIBE and the Afrika’s Calling show (on the Holland based QHradio).

• Overall, we are proud of what we have accomplished so far and we are not going to stop anytime soon. Things will just get bigger and better.

6). How do you manage to juggle being a DJ and being a superhero… i mean normal person? Do you still find the time to relax?

• It’s quite difficult with the sleepless nights and preparing the radio show during the day but hey it’s all for a good cause, as long as we love what we are doing then relaxing comes second.

7). Is the entertainment industry your only source of income. Are there any other ventures that you are involved in, other than “The Music Industry”?

• We are currently studying therefore yes the music industry is or only source of income.

8). What about time with family and friends – How do you manage that?

• It’s all about having a balanced lifestyle which accommodates family and friends. Now that is what we do best, we believe that there is a time for everything. It all lies in our priorities.

9). Given your insight into what’s fresh on the scene, what do you think the trend for summer will be? Has the economic climate affected your pocket?

• Firstly, economic climate has not had an effect on the party scene. Nothing has/will stop people from partying so we cannot say that it has affected our pockets in any way…
• Summer 2010 will be one filled will good parties, good music and good people, that what we are looking forward to.

10). How many groupies do you get?

LOL… No Comment!

11). Have you had any awkward moments with fans? Have you performed at an event that made you go ”WTF???”

• Oh Yes! We have had a moment where we were playing and all of a sudden a person in the crown was dancing so much that he didn’t notice himself stripping… now that was a WTF moment.

12). Did you always know you’d end up where you are today? Do you have any qualifications under your belt for any studies you may have completed?

• As we said, we are both embarking on studies at the moment. From the time of buying the first vinyl record we knew that this was going to go far and now here we are.

13). What’s next in store from Deep Soulja? What aspirations do you have?

• Building a Musical Empire…LOL… We have a lot of things in line for us in the near future. We have had gig requests from our friends overseas and the only thing that was holding us back was our studies but hey, we are not planning to quit this journey any time soon and so we will continue to bring tough competition to the big names out there whilst establishing good relationships with them and we also plan on penetrating the international industry and also growing our radio network into a bigger horizon.

14). Where do you source your music?

From Digital downloading websites such as:

• We also encourage upcoming/or already established artists to send us their promos if they would like us to play them on The Deep Soulja Radio Network as a means of promotion and getting feedback on the production. The email to submit links or to send track is: deepsouljaent@gmail.com

15). How may budding DJs get in touch with you should they be interested in joining your movement?

Email: deepsouljaent@gmail.com (also for bookings)

Contact (also for bookings):

Khotso 078 335 7460 / +2778 335 7640
Sipho 078 279 8363 / +2778 279 8363


Deep Soulja http://www.facebook.com/deepsoulja
Khotso http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Fifty5