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Dj Webster

1). *Who is DJ Webster and where did the name come from? What do
you do?*
DJ Webster, whether it’s R’n B, Hip Hop, House,
Electro…any music genre you give him he can
surely make the dance floor heat up. Also known
for his remixing skills, DJ Webster is known for mashing up 2
or 3 tracks into 1 single track Live on the Decks. From Bedroom Music Production
with Studio Quality to DJing, he has made his mark in the Music

DJ Webster was signed to Elevate Music in 2006, then in
2007 he was featured on a Compilation Album called News Cafe Vibe Vol. 2
with Top Local & International DJ’s like Chris Lake, Sebastian Ledger,
Seamus Haji, Eric Prydz, DJ Enur, Roger Goode, David Todd,
DJ Disciple and many more, He also started his own record label
called DJ Webster Records; even so, he was sub - contracted to other Record labels.
2008 DJ Webster was then signed to Sheer Sound & USM
Records on which he released a full 13 track album which had
a fusion of House, Tech, Electro, Disco, Dance & Funk, The
Album was named “Mafikeng Bliss”.

October 2009 he released “ My Lifestyle “ Album featuring
Local & International Artists which was a Deep & Vocal
House Album with a Ragga Bonus Track.
2009 & 2010 DJ Webster was voted 1 of the Top 100 DJ’s in South Africa on SA DJ Magazine
By south African Clubbers and Club owners.

*2). Tell us more about your musical journey? What lead to you taking that route than
anything else?*
Seeing people being happy when you play them a certain track, it hit me. There’s more to Music than Dancing I started my journey in 2003

*3). You’ve been in the music scene for more than a minute. What does music mean to
Music means expression to me….we express how we feel through music

4). How did you get into the whole music scene?
Well, by chance…I loved computers back in the early 90’s and bumped into Atomix music mixing software then I developed that love for music, then I went tangible from digital

*5). Which genre of music do you specialize in and which is your personal favorite?
How do you source the music you play?*
I specialize in House, Hip Hop, Electro but I love House more, my music is sourced from popular online music sites like ilike, Itunes, Traxsource and so on.

6). How do you manage being a producer and DJ?
Easy, to me its like 1 and the same thing just another one you are the creator not the blender

7). Give us a breakdown a day or night in the life of DJ Webster? What’s the preparation like, leading up to an event, and what happens afterwards? What kind of diet you eat?
Well, getup in the morning 5am on the Internet check my email & social media messages, & on my way to work…5pm home, online till 8pm…watch movies 10pm bed. And weekends, well go partying or djing and socialize with fans & friends. I don’t do VIP areas I mingle with the ground a the end of the day they are there to see me and listen to my talent, so why should I restrict them to talking to me

*8). Is the music industry your only source of income. Are there any other ventures that
you are involved in?*
Nope, I have a day Job …actually 4 jobs  …Monday to Friday im a Web Developer / Marketing Researcher doing 9 to 5 Job and weekend I do Events & DJ, I also have my own Company which does Marketing / Events & Advertising

9). What about time with family and friends – How do you manage that?
Well, as the saying goes….”There’s time for everything” I do make time for loved ones, its all about time management.

*10). Given your insight into what’s fresh on the music scene, what do you think the
trend for new year will be? Has the economic climate affected your pocket? What are
you thoughts on file sharing? Does it affect your pocket?*
Well, music cant be predicted …its like the Stock Market….Today House is the in thing then tomorrow its Hip Hop, so you’ve got to be ready for whatever comes your way as a DJ. As for filing I believe it’s the future because no one knows who you are if they don’t know your stuff. You need to build a brand for yourself and file sharing is the only way. No one will buy something they don’t know let alone book you if you don’t sell youself

11). Let’s be real… How many groupies does Webster get?
Lol…Honestly I’ve lost count…..I mean I have 4 profiles, a Fan page & a 2 Groups and all my fans and groupies on facebook makes my friends number to a staggering 35,457 fans combined.

*12). Have you had any awkward moments with fans? Have you performed at an event
that made you go ”WTF???”*
Yeah….One time I was playing House Music at a Club and some lady came to me and asked me to play “Mariah Carey – We belong together ” for her ….lol….She was High on R’n B !!

*13). Did you always know you’d end up where you are today? Do you have any
qualifications under your belt for any studies you may have completed or still busy*

I never new I’d end up where I am today  persistence helped me a lot. As studies goes I completed my Matric in 2004, so obvious I got my Senior Certificate, in addition to that I have a Php Certificate ( hypertext Preprocessor ) & currently studying Marketing Management at UNISA & busy with CCNA ( Cisco Certified Network Associate ) certification.

14). What’s in store from Webster in 2011 ? What aspirations do you have?
Well, this 2011 its all about “Elegance …Experience…..Excitement” im taking the club scene to another level and the DJing as well….Im doing events in a whole new Level.

*15). Do you like to work alone or to collaborate? What would be your ultimate
Well I prefer to work alone have worked with people but the thing is if one doesn’t do his part the whole project suffers especially in this competitive industry, so in most projects work alone, well ultimate collab. Haven’t thought of it as yet.

*16). Who do you regard (aside from yourself ) as a producer or performer that’s
making strides in the industry in South Africa?*
1 Man….Black Coffee….RESPECT…..The brother knows “QUALITY” when it comes to Music Production & DJing
1 Man….Shimza from Tembisa……RESPECT….He’s the only DJ I know that no skill he cant master behind the decks and he’s the only DJ that I know will kick my black @ss on the decks

*17). How may budding producers or DJs get in touch with you should they be
interested in working with you?*
Eish….Well everyday people wanna work with me but the problem is I don’t like pushing people from behind to get their stuff sorted or to be on the level I want, you slack I leave you behind. Time waits for no man and competition is tough…you relax someone will beat you for the crown of Excellence

*18). In terms of the music you make, are there certain music programs you use? What
is the secret to the sound you make?*
The secret is uniqueness…..your music and talent must be unique. You don’t want people saying you mix like so and so, or your track or music style sounds like that track I heard on some dj’s album. Yes I do use certain programs like Ableton, Magix, Ejays, Reason

19) would you love to work with SessionOne in the near Future?
Well, there’s always doors open for opportunities and the door you miss might be just the one you needed to get ahead….so for sure !!

20). What is your favorite Gadget ?
My Pink Netbook & Pink phone & my pink SkullCandy Headphones, I go everywhere with them…YES Pink…The New Blue for me 