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Lupi Nqcayisa

We at Session One Raw would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to one of the countries most caring souls and again one of his most heart felt initiatives.

When did you start the RAIL WAY TO LIFE movement and what is the primary objective

It was on the 28 December 2008 when I found myself stalking a middle class black couple who were shopping incessantly in Sandton.They went to all the kiddies boutiques buying special garments for their precious little girl.I was so intrigued by this family .When they went to Woolworths to purchase a pair of school shopes for the girl,the smile and delight she exuded when she slipped her tiny feet in a pair of black leather school shoes sparked smoething in me. I got overcome by the desire to see thousands of children smiling like her

Has your dream of helping the less advantaged kids manifested? And how may people assist?

To date we have collected and distributed 56 000 pairs of school shoes .The dream continues ,we wont stop

We have established that you care about the wellbeing of our future, what else would you like to help our future leaders with?

Encourage every advantaged individual to play his/her part by paying attention to the needs of those who are less fortunate. We are all duty bound to live this world a better place

What are the challenges to the initiative? How have you been able to overcome them?

Each year presents us with different challenges but we learn as we grow. The biggest challenge is access to most schools as most schools in villages have no phones or proper infrastructure. Getting the correct sizes become a tough call however through our network of volunteers we survive

What do you think we need to change as a country for our own personal wellbeing both the young and the old?

We just need to remember that you are because we are .We were all born to inspire, to delight, to amuse and to love

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